Safety Photo Eye Sensors

Time and time again, we get service calls for a very simple garage door repair problem with an even simpler solution you can do yourself. The garage door is not closing  all the way with the garage door opener. In many cases, the issue is the safety photo eyes sensors are out of alignment. The photo eyes transmit an invisible beam from one photo eye to the other across the width of the door. It is a safety feature, that when the beam is broken, the garage door will not close, and will reverse to the open position. Now many times, a person will accidentally bump the photo eye with their foot, shovel, etc. Obviously, this will misalign the photo eyes. Most photo eyes have a little LED light that is lit up when it is properly aligned, otherwise the LED will not be lit or flashing. All you have to do is adjust them so that they are transmitting and receiving the invisible beam, then your garage door should close properly. Doing this yourself will save you money, instead of calling a garage door technician to come out and do it for you. Garage Door Kings can help you with your Garage Doors and Garage Door … Continue reading Safety Photo Eye Sensors