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Big Bear Lake, CA

Garage Door Kings - Big Bear Lake

Garage Door Kings is a Big Bear, CA locally owned and operated garage door business. In this beautiful town we live in, it is important to keep your business local. This not only keeps all of the businesses in Big Bear operating successfully, but it also keeps your money circulating in Big Bear.

Many garage door companies service our community, but most of them are not from here. We are one of the only true local garage door companies in Big Bear. We specialize in new garage door installations as well as garage door repairs, including install and repair of automatic openers. We are fully licensed, bonded, and insured. You can put your trust in us to deliver the best service available.

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Warmer. Quieter. Stronger.
Garage doors featuring Intellicore® insulation technology represent the ultimate smart choice for homeowners. Clopay’s Intellicore is a proprietary polyurethane foam that is injected into a garage door, expanding to fill the entire structure. The result is a door with incredible strength and durability. Its dense insulation also produces a quieter door, while its industry-leading R-values (up to 20.4) provide year-round comfort and improved energy efficiency. Smart, indeed.

In cold climates, Intellicore helps keep your garage and home warmer. Alternatively, in hot climates, it helps keep the warm air out. At its core, a Clopay door with Intellicore is energy efficient, making your garage and home more comfortable all year long.

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Liftmaster Garage Door Openers with MyQ technology

Making access to your home or business safe, convenient, and easy is what LiftMaster® professionally installed products do best. LiftMaster® residential garage door openers offer more selection, more performance, and more durability than any other opener on the market. All models offer the ultimate in safety and security features, and are available with a variety of horsepower systems, features, and innovative accessories. They are also proven to withstand even the harshest of elements and years of extended use, and are available with innovative accessories designed to make home access even more convenient.

Garage Door Kings offers belt drive, screw drive, and chain drive garage door openers.

The ideal choice if you have a room positioned above or adjacent to your garage, LiftMaster® belt drive garage door openers are the smoothest, quietest, most reliable systems you can buy.

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Good Housekeeping Seal

Since 1996, Clopay has earned the distinction of being a residential garage door manufacturer to receive the Good Housekeeping Seal. The Seal represents Good Housekeeping’s two-year limited warranty and is the magazine’s pledge to consumers that if any product that carries the Seal is found to be defective within two years from the date of purchase, Good Housekeeping will either replace the product or refund the purchase price. No other publication makes this promise to its readers.

How do products earn the Good Housekeeping Seal? Applicants are evaluated by the Good Housekeeping Research Institute and can only earn the Seal if their products are accepted after a review by their experts.

The Seal stands as the most recognized consumer product insignia in the U.S., and the only way to apply for it is through the Good Housekeeping Research Institute. The Good Housekeeping Research Institute has pioneered the process of consumer education and product evaluation in the marketplace since 1900 through dedicated engineering, chemistry, home care, food appliances, nutrition, beauty and textiles departments and teams of professionals whose expertise covers a full range of consumer goods and services.

This is why the only garage door we offer to our customers is a Clopay garage door.

Garage Door Weather Seal Trim Package

It is a good idea to make sure that your garage door is sealed properly from the elements, rodents, and insects.  By weatherproofing your garage door, you can save on your energy bill and stay warmer through the winter and cooler in the summer. Although we put install this weather seal on all of our new garage door installs, many companies don’t.

This vinyl weather seal trim will press against the outside of the garage door, closing the gap between the door and the garage frame. This is installed on the top and sides of your garage door. We have several colors options available and will look great as it has a wood look.

Our packages start at $75.00 for single garage doors and $100.00 for double garage doors. Call us for an appointment at 909-440-0305.

Broken Garage Door Spring

When you find yourself with a broken garage door spring, the first thing I can say is BE CAREFUL. The springs are what lift the entire weight of the garage door. So if you do have a broken spring, then the door may be under its full weight. Also do not use your automatic garage door opener with a broken spring, it could permanently damage the motor. Disconnect it using the emergency release cord as long as the door is in the closed position only, or just unplug it so that nobody accidentally uses it.

Trying to open the garage door is dangerous, but if you need to get your car out, you can try lifting the door slowly with a couple of other people and you can use the opener to help lift the door up, although this is not recommended.

Replacing a broken spring is a job that should be left to a garage door professional. There may even be a second spring that is still ok, but it is under a great amount of tension. The tension on garage door springs and the weight of the door can lead to major injury if things go wrong. So please, unless you know what you are doing, don’t mess with the springs.

Give Garage Door Kings a call at 909-440-0305 to schedule an appointment.

Balanced Garage DoorOver time, garage door springs tend to relax and weaken a little bit. This means that you may have an unbalanced garage door. You always want your garage door balanced for optimum operation. If your door is heavy, then it can put a strain on your automatic garage door opener. Obviously this can burn out the opener motor and lessen the life of your opener dramatically, or even permanently damage it. Also it can become dangerous, because the door can just free-fall with a lot of weight, which could cause major injury or even death.

To test if your garage door is balanced properly, follow these few steps.
1. Bring your door to the closed position
2. Pull the emergency release cord.
3. Slowly lift the garage door manually
If the garage door is hard to lift or it comes up too strong, then it needs to be balanced. Your garage door should stay in place when the door is opened halfway, without falling or opening.

For help with balancing your garage door, Garage Door Kings can help. Please contact us at 909-440-0305 to schedule an appointment or visit us at

Safety Photo Eye SensorsTime and time again, we get service calls for a very simple garage door repair problem with an even simpler solution you can do yourself. The garage door is not closing  all the way with the garage door opener.

In many cases, the issue is the safety photo eyes sensors are out of alignment. The photo eyes transmit an invisible beam from one photo eye to the other across the width of the door. It is a safety feature, that when the beam is broken, the garage door will not close, and will reverse to the open position.

Now many times, a person will accidentally bump the photo eye with their foot, shovel, etc. Obviously, this will misalign the photo eyes. Most photo eyes have a little LED light that is lit up when it is properly aligned, otherwise the LED will not be lit or flashing. All you have to do is adjust them so that they are transmitting and receiving the invisible beam, then your garage door should close properly. Doing this yourself will save you money, instead of calling a garage door technician to come out and do it for you.

Garage Door Kings can help you with your Garage Doors and Garage Door Openers. If you need any garage door or opener repairs, please call us at 909-440-0305 or fill out a service request on our website at We service Big Bear Lake and the surrounding areas.

Garage Door Installation and Repair in Big Bear CA. License#954328
We are officially launching the brand new Garage Door Kings website today, designed by yours truly. We are based in Big Bear, CA and service the entire Big Bear community as well as many surrounding areas. We provide garage door installation and repair services, specializing in Clopay garage doors and Liftmaster openers. Visit  our website at

Steel Insulated Garage DoorSteel Insulated Ultra Grain Garage Door

If you are interested in a new garage door or opener or even a repair, we offer free estimates. You can contact us directly at 909-440-0305 or you can email us at We look forward to working with you.


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